Dedicated People Managing Your Hosted Environment

In a managed hosting environment, your provider owns and is responsible for the data center, network, devices, operating system and application infrastructure components, providing a stable operating environment for your applications. At Rackspace® Hosting, we have been building and supporting managed hosting solutions since 1998. That's why we're the world's leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry.

With Rackspace Support, You're Never Alone

One of the best parts about hosting with us is that we're always here for you—24x7x365

Support Beyond Extraordinary

No matter the size of your business, you will always get the kind of support that goes far beyond the ordinary. It's truly Fanatical Support®.

Rich Media Website Hosting

User experience is paramount. Host even your most dynamic media, while handling traffic spikes with ease.


With e-commerce, every second and every visit counts. Build an architecture that's available, scalable, and designed for security.


When people see your website, they see you. Protect your brand identity by building a reliable site infrastructure.